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Art and culture on the waterfront

The idyllic Leie River overflows with charm. No wonder that many generations of Flemish artists– including the world-famous Latemse School – found inspiration there. From Ghent you follow the river towards Deinze, past the cosy artistic village Sint-Martens-Latem or pretty Machelen with its Raveel Museum. Take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet, picturesque views and cosy eateries to the fullest.

Top attractions

Ooidonk Castle

Ooidonk Castle

  • Ooidonk Castle is one of the highlights of the Leie Region.
  • The water fortress stands proud, stern and opulent in an old bend in the Leie River. It is surrounded by a beautiful, 45-hectare park.
  • Ooidonk is sometimes described as one of the most beautiful castles in Belgium and as a gem of Flemish-Spanish architecture of the 16th century.
  • Be sure to visit the the gardens too.

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Roger Raveel Museum

  • The museum that bears his name was established in his native village, where he lived and worked until his death in 2013.
  • Painter and graphic artist Roger Raveel was born in Machelen, a pretty village nestled on the banks of and old arm of the Leie River.
  • The Roger Raveel Museum displays the most extensive collection of art of one of the most important post-war artists.

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Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

  • Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens holds a rich collection of works by Flemish artists. It is situated near the centre of Deurle and near the Leie River.
  • The works of art were collected by Jules en Irma Dhondt-Dhaenens starting in the late 1920s.
  • The modernistic building by architect Erik Van Biervliet was designed to be a place where diverse cultural and artistic activities could take place.

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