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On the trail of the Tour of Flanders

Cycling fanatics love to dive into the Flemish Ardennes less than 20 kilometres south of Ghent. No more plains, just forested hilltops, beautiful panoramas and stubborn cobblestoned roads. Plenty of challenges for those who love climbing, either by bike or on foot. Via the walking network 'Getuigenheuvels' you can map out the loveliest walking tours here.

Top attractions

Tour of Flanders Centre

Tour of Flanders Centre

  • An active visitor's centre where you can sample the true soul of Flemish tournament based on multimedia and interactive applications.
  • The high altar for everyone who can pedal hard in Flanders and far beyond.
  • Extra: an auditorium, exhibition space, conference room, hall, pub and shop.

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MOU Oudenaarde

  • The MOU brings the history of Oudenaarde and the Flemish Ardennes to life.
  • You'll travel through time, from the Middle Ages to today, via interactive media and special historic items.
  • Admire the original Oudenaarde tapestries and one of the largest silver collections in Flanders.

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  • Het Kluisbos is the largest forest in the Flemish Ardennes (300 hectares). It is located on the language border.
  • Situated on top of the Kluisberg (141 m).
  • Situated on the Sports and Recreation Resort Kluisbos.
  • Numerous pubs and restaurants in and around the forest.

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